Frequently Asked Questions

Are Freshmen Cast in Shows?

Yes, anyone can audition for shows and be cast, as long as they are in good academic standing.

We have had Freshmen perform leads in our Mainstage season.

How Do You Get Into the BFA Acting for Stage & Screen Program?

Students audition for entrance into the BFA Acting for Stage & Screen program the spring prior to their first-year or the weekend prior to their first fall semester.

How Do You Get Into the BFA Design & Theatre Production Program?

Those wishing to pursue the BFA Design and Theatre Production degree can enter the program immediately following a portfolio review.

How Do You Get Into the BFA Film Production Program?

Complete details on applying for the BFA emphasis in Film Production are available here.

How Many Departmental Scholarships Do You Offer?

Theatre Merit Scholarships are offered on an annual basis. The number of scholarships offered varies by year.

Additional scholarships, offered on a yearly basis include:

The Patricia Tarr Leavitt Scholarship
Established by two Ole Miss Theatre alumni, this scholarship is awarded yearly to full-time undergraduate students from Mississippi pursuing a BA or a BFA in Theatre & Film.

The Upton-Cantú Scholarship for Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting
The Upton-Cantú Scholarship is a merit-based award given every year to a BFA Acting student. Students are invited into the BFA Acting program after auditioning at the end of their sophomore year.

The Wallace Hamilton Scholarship
Any full-time theatre student is eligible for this annual scholarship, which was established by the friends and family of Wallace Hamilton.

The Susan Colbert Davis Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded yearly to theatre students from Mississippi, preferably from either from Chickasaw or Alcorn counties, who demonstrates financial need and academic achievement and who are in at least their junior year of study.

Do You Have to Be a Theatre Major to Receive a Scholarship?

In order to receive a scholarship from the Department of Theatre & Film, you must be a theatre major in good academic standing. In addition to the departmental scholarships, there are many academic scholarships that you can apply for via the University.

What is the Admissions Minimum GPA for Being Admitted to the University?

Admission requirements differ for Residents and Non-residents and vary by year. For more information, please see the Office of Admissions:

What is a Residential College?

The residential colleges at the University of Mississippi offer contemporary housing for undergraduate students with faculty living in the building. Students take classes together in the building, and there is a fully staffed kitchen providing eating options throughout the day. Students are selected through an application process. For more information, please see the student Housing website:

Can You Rush a Fraternity or Sorority if You are a Theatre Major?

Yes.  Sometimes Greek activities interfere with Theatre Activities, but we have theatre majors who actively participate in Fraternities and Sororities.

How Much Does it Cost to Attend The University of Mississippi?

Tuition rates vary by year. Please see the Office of Financial Aid’s “Cost of Attendance” webpage for more information:

Do You Have a Graduate Program?

No. The faculty are excited to devote our time, attention, and resources to our undergraduate students.

Can You Double Major? With a BFA?

Those who wish to double major are encouraged to pursue the BA. It is rare for a student in a BFA program to pursue a 2nd degree. If a student intends to double major, we encourage them to contact an advisor in the College of Liberal Arts upon admission. For more information, please see the College of Liberal Arts’ “Prospective Students” page:

Do You Offer a New York Showcase?

Yes! We partner with 2-3 other schools to offer a showcase every January in New York City for casting directors and agents.

When Can I Visit? Who Do I Contact?

You can visit Ole Miss any time during the year and receive a tour of the campus and information about programs and the Ole Miss experience through the Admissions office.  However, we encourage prospective theatre students to visit campus during one of our “Theatre Merit Scholarship Weekends”. These weekends are held twice during the Spring semester and include opportunities to attend theatre classes, to meet current theatre students, to see an Ole Miss Theatre production, to tour campus, to meet with an Admissions counselor, and to audition for one of our Theatre Merit Scholarships. For more information about our “Theatre Merit Scholarship Weekends”, please see our Scholarship webpage:

How Many Shows Do You Produce Each Year?

The Department produces 5 shows a year and also provides support for numerous student productions.  On any given year, between department shows and student-produced work, there are over 20 films, shows & opportunities to perform (Through Ghostlight Repertory Theatre, Mississippi: The Dance Company, Opera Theatre, Ole Miss Student Dance, student produced films, etc).  Throughout your 4 years here, the season rotation will provide opportunities to do productions in a variety of styles and in multiple venues.  There is a musical produced by the department every year and every four years, there are two musicals in the season. 

Do You Offer Film Classes?

Yes, we offer a variety of courses that provide you with hands-on experience with cinema production, including screenwriting, acting, directing, producing, cinematography, and editing.

Will I Be Able to Design a Show?

Yes, you’ll receive as many as two design assignments each year, ranging from straight plays and musicals, to dance, opera, and cinema, creating an impressive portfolio.

Do You Have Dance Classes?

Yes, we offer classes in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, musical theatre dance, and choreography.

Do You Offer Voice Lessons?

Yes, voice lessons are offered in a group class style and there are opportunities to take private voice lessons in both the theatre and music departments.

Do Freshman Have to Live on Campus? Can I Have a Car?

Yes, Freshman are required to live in a residence hall their 1st year.  Yes, you can bring your personal vehicle but must pay for a residential parking pass. Please see Student Housing for more information:

Are You Affiliated With a Professional Theatre?

We are not affiliated with a professional theatre, but we have direct connections to theatres in the region and across the nation through our faculty & alumni.